How to miss a flight 101


Yesterday's voyage to NYC

3 ways to successfully miss your flight:

1. Set 1 alarm clock (when you know you're a heavy sleeper)

2. Pack everything hours before your trip

3. Go to sleep at 1AM when you have to leave at 3AM

Well today has been quite the frenzy if I can say the least. My flight to NY was scheduled to leave at 6:10AM in New Orleans and I jumped out of my bed at 5:49AM (1 hour and 30 minutes away)! *PANICS* I look at my phone and I see 8 missed calls and about 10 text messages from my mom. The crazy thing both me AND my boyfriend slept through the alarm!  I finally came to my senses and gave Delta a call to see when the next flight left for New York. Next flight was scheduled for 1PM so now I'm currently waiting in line to board.  I have so many emotions bottled up right now from this hectic day but I am extremely excited to finally get a taste of the Big Apple. For as long as I've remembered I've dreamed of visiting New York so this trip means so much to me. Born and raised in a very small rural town, I've always longed to visit a place where there are endless amounts of places to go and things to do. There is so much I hope to gain so much from this trip and I'm excited to start my first blog post with this adventure. I can't wait to share all of my photos with everyone as I make my way through the city. 

- xoxo Taylor